Aloft - Warm, contemporary porcelain stone

Aloft, a true bridge between old and new, is a rendition of an antique, reclaimed stone made for living in the 2020's.

Everyone loves the look and warmth of an old French limestone, but somehow this look just doesn't fit in with modern settings.

Aloft, with its subtle, moulded surface and five soft, rich, shaded colors has the look of an antique stone without the stains and without the age old dirt. Hallelujah!

100x100 cm - This new size is more and more popular every day, and that is why we chose it for the Aloft series. While, of course, a standard 60x60 cm is also available, a very attractive, new multi-width package with three different sizes put together in a single box has caught everyone's eye. Not to mention that all the sizes are 8,5 mm thick, which makes transport and installation easier and less expensive. Last, but not least, the elegance of the 100x100 size would never be complete without its 20 mm thick version for outdoors for a continuous In & Out installation.



 FUMO                                                                                                                      GRIGIO              

amb-fumo100x100  aloft runnerpackage  

TERRA                                                                                                                      AVORIO



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