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Aloft is a new version of a recovery stone, it has something that recalls the old and, at the same time, something that recalls the New, making it perfect for the interior design of 2020. Its appearance is reminiscent of an old stone that, with its softly shaped surface and its five colors, intense and slightly tonalized, give it charm, light and warmth.


Perfect for In & Out environments 

Aloft is available in 60x60 formats, but also in the multi-format composition Runner Package, a box with three formats available, 20x60, 30x60 and 40x60, to perfectly adapt to the environment. In addition, with the new 100x100 format, more and more in demand, it is perfect for your indoor and outdoor poses, for a linear and clean effect. All sizes are available in 8.5 mm thickness to make laying easier and transport less expensive.


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March 9, 2020

To all of our valued customers

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the ramifications of the decree put into effect by the Italian government yesterday limiting movement and restricting all kinds of gatherings of people in order to contain the spread of the Covid19 virus.

First of all, while the province of Modena has been included in the restricted zone, the rules provide for businesses and production plants to remain open, and the transportation of goods in and out of the restricted zones is also completely free. Therefore, we are operating at 100% and conducting business as usual (order processing and loading). Please continue to forward and collect your orders. Following is an excerpt from the official email sent to us by the association of tile manufacturers.

To the Associations of Ceramic Tile Distributors

To the Associations of Tile Installers

Contents of the restrictions introduced in Italy to contain the spread of the Coronavirus

With regard to the measures adopted by the Italian Government and applicable to the territory of the Lombardia Region and 14 other Provinces of northern Italy (including Modena and Reggio Emilia), we think it is appropriate to highlight that the provisions introduced do not affect production activities that must continue on a regular basis.

In particular, there are no prohibitions on access and exit from the mentioned above areas for vehicles used to transport goods. Such activities are ensured by the "proven work needs" stated in the decree.

The Italian Government (see Nota esplicativa al DPCM 8 marzo 2020 on has already provided this clarification stating that:

Goods may enter and exit the areas mentioned in today’s decree. Transporting goods is considered as a well-grounded work-related reason for moving: carriers may therefore enter and exit as well as move within the affected areas, but only for delivery and/or collection purposes. “

We are available for any clarification or additional information.

Best regards

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we thank you for your business and for supporting us as we transit through this public health situation. We will keep you posted on any changes to the current situation.

Kind regards,

Daniele Verde